1. Total Elf Car Engine Motor Oil Evolution Fulltech FE Performance 5W30 1L Renault
    £8.48 £7.07
  2. Total Quartz Car Engine Motor Oil INEO MC3 Performance 5W30 - 1L Volkswagen BMW
    £7.08 £5.90
  3. Total Quartz Synthetic Car Engine Motor Oil 7000 Performance 10W40 - 1L Fiat VW
    £5.26 £4.38
  4. Total Quartz Synthetic Car Engine Motor Oil INEO ECS Economy 5W30 - 1L Citroen
    £7.12 £5.93
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Total’s revolutionary approach to affordable yet reliable energy has redefined the automotive industry. DIY car lovers and professional mechanics alike rely on the company for its highly recommended engine oils, fuel, bitumen and solvents – which are amongst the best quality in the car market. Total commits to complete involvement throughout the energy process, from exploration, production and refining, all the way through to trading. 

Over the last 60 years, Total has invested millions in R&D to produce essential energy for automotive applications while keeping its impact on the planet to an all-time low. Today, Total is active in more than 130 countries, where the company makes environmentally conscious energy accessible to as many people as possible. In a bid to future-proof the automotive industry, Total reduced its emissions released in asphalt production by 40% in 2018-19 alone. The company has also acquired London’s largest network of electric vehicle charge points. 

Total Timeline


1924: was founded when the French President, Raymond Poincaré, turned down the opportunity to partner with Royal Dutch Shell. Instead, he launched a 100% French oil company with Col. Ernest Mercier, Compagnie Française des Pétroles (CFP) .

1930s: focused on exploration and production, mainly in the Middle East.

1940s: began oil exploration efforts in Africa, Venezuela, Canada and Algeria (which became one of Total’s leading oil sources in the 1950s).

1954: released its own brand of fuel in Europe and Africa.

1980: acquired Vickers Petroleum’s refining and marketing assets, rapidly expanding CFP’s refining capacity, transportation and service station network. At this point, CFP controlled half of Total Petroleum (North America Ltd), which benefitted from this growth in 20 states.

1985: rebranded as Total CFP.

1991: became a public company on the New York Stock Exchange and rebranded as Total. From this point, Total continued to expand its presence under several brand names in North America.

1999: took over Petrofina and rebranded as Total Fina. Total then acquired Elf Aquitaine and rebranded as TotalFinaElf.

2003: rebranded as Total once again and released its current global logo. Total then bought a 30% stake in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s gas exploration venture.

2006: signed a MOU with Saudi Aramco to develop Saudi Arabia’s Jubail Refinery and Petrochemical project.

2008: launched a joint venture with Saudi Aramco, SAUDI ARAMCO TOTAL Refining and Petrochemical Company.

2013: started operation Kashagan in collaboration with the North Caspian Operating Company, which marked the biggest oil reserve discovery since 1968. Total also launched its ARGOS Challenge, a robotic competition that encouraged the development of robotics for the company’s oil and gas production sites.

2014: became the first major oil and gas company to acquire exploration rights for shale gas in the UK.

2016: acquired Lampiris, the third-largest gas and renewable energy supplier in Belgium. Total also bought the French battery manufacturer Saft Groupe S.A and $2.2 billion worth of assets from Petrobras. 

2017: acquired Maersk Oil and launched its new affordable and natural energy, Total Spring, in France.