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Sykes-Pickavant has been responding to the automotive industry’s needs for decades, producing new motor accessories, tools and car parts as vehicles have become increasingly advanced. Today, the pioneering manufacturer offers suspension, braking, engine service, electrical diagnostics, cooling system, body repair, fuel pressure, torque and workshop tools.

Sykes-Pickavant Timeline


1921: was established under the name J.W. Pickavant & Co by Jack Pickavant, who hired Joe Sykes as the company’s first salesman.

1931: continued to meet growing demand in the automotive industry and expanded rapidly. Meanwhile, Joe left the firm to launch his own tool distributor, Sykes.

1950: began to export internationally, with Sykes delivering tools to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

1968: completed a merge, blending Pickavant and Sykes once again.

1980: continued to expand into Europe and Asia and grow its product lines. Today, Pickavant and Sykes operate as sister companies.