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Over the last 50 years, NGK has become the UK brand leader in the spark and glow plug market. As the world’s largest supplier of lambda sensors and spark plugs, NGK has accomplished numerous expansions, from NTK Technical Ceramics to NTK Wire Sets, NTK Oxygen Sensors and NTK Knock Sensors. 

NGK undertakes advanced research and development programmes to pursue environmental and anti-pollution efforts in the manufacture of high-performance glow plugs and spark plugs. As a result, worldwide vehicle manufacturers are increasingly specifying NGK’s bespoke plugs to employ maximum engine efficiency in new vehicles.

Alongside headquarters in Japan, NGK operates 11 factories, 4 development centres and over 20 sales offices worldwide. Driven by a dedication to innovation, performance and quality, NGK’s reputation for technical excellence and reliability stems from state-of-the-art manufacturing processes in the production of world-class car parts. 

NGK Car Parts Timeline


1936: was established as NGK Spark Plug Co. Ltd.

1958: began manufacturing ceramic cutting tools and copper-cored wire spark plugs.

1959: sparked world domination with a spark plug factory in Brazil.

1973: began the manufacture of temperature sensors.

1980: started manufacturing quick glow systems.

1982: began manufacturing lambda sensors and oxygen sensors.

1985: started manufacturing ceramic glow plugs.

1997: began manufacturing iridium plugs and organic packages.

2000: opened a logistics centre that produces 25-million spark plugs and glow plugs.

2015: launched the Ignition Coil range (NGK Australia). NGK also became the official spark plug supplier for the Ferrari Formula 1 team and the Sauber team.