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Leading international automotive parts supplier Mahle is renowned for driving motor technology. The group is strategically orientated to address automotive megatrends in population growth, urbanisation, globalisation and climate change.

Committed to efficient transportation, Mahle continuously optimises vehicle parts for combustion engines using alternative fuels. Mahle’s system portfolio is divided into 4 business units: Engine Systems and Components, Filtration and Engine Peripherals, Thermal Management and Aftermarket. In particular, Mahle addresses crucial issues around powertrain and air conditioning technology development.

Mahle offers a high level of automotive skill with 79,000 employees across 160 production locations. The group-wide Mahle Quality Improvement Programme continuously improves traceability and quality assurance to achieve a zero-defect principle.

Mahle Car Parts Timeline


1920: established the company by countering heavy cast iron pistons with light-alloy pistons, manufactured at its small test workshop.

1924: began producing lightweight pistons for motorsports.

1929: began to manufacture air filters, oil filters and fuel filters.

1930: launched the first cylinder liners, made of nitride steel.

1938: became a supplier for the armament industry. Mahle also created the first blank cylinders using a centrifugal casting process.

1946: lost 60% of its corporate substance and assets to World War II.

1974: began using star-pleated filter elements in dedusting technology.

1976: began manufacturing aluminium engine blocks using low-pressure die casting and ductile iron (GGG) pistons for truck diesel engines.

1984: began performing laser welding on valve tappets.

1988: launched composite pistons for large diesel engines with bore cooling.

1991: merged with J.Wizemann GmbH & Co. to form the Mahle Wizemann Group.

1996: began using robot-aided medium-pressure die casting.

1997: began manufacturing air intake modules.

2002: manufactured the first plastic oil filter for diesel engines in passenger cars.

2003: created a three-cylinder racing engine for Formula SAE.

2005: manufactured the first all-plastic oil filter module and a new three-stage resonance intake module.

2006: manufactured the world’s first electric cone stack separator.

2007: manufactured a two-stage diesel fuel filter with integrated water separation.

2010: was the first to create modular all-plastic oil filter housing for commercial vehicles.

2015: opened the first automated production line for passenger car steel pistons. They also achieved a 31% decrease in CO2 emissions through CNG and downsizing.

2016: launched the Global Purchasing Excellence Programme, released the world’s first controllable pendulum for commercial vehicles, unveiled the CareMetix® cabin air filter and opened a Vehicle Engineering Centre in England.

2017: won a TOP 500 Award for sustainable growth.